RP Time: October 2012.
A Pitch Perfect/Glee Cross over Rolpelay.
Established May 15th, 2013
Opened May 17th, 2013
Closed July 21st, 2013
Thanks for a good ride.


♪ Name: Chloe Beale

♪ Age: 21

♪ Year: Senior

♪ Major: Musical Education

♪  Group: Bellas

♪  Ships: Beca/Chloe, Chloe/Female, Chloe/Male

♪ Bio:

Chloe had always been the light of her parents life. She was always bright, friendly and polite. They doted on their daughter and encouraged her to pursue all her passions, However in her senior year of high school, her father lost his job and the once well off family suffered great losses. Instead of going to a performing arts school in New York like she had intended, Chloe had to go to the somewhat local Barden University. College was a relatively easy adjustment for Chloe, even if she was a bit disappointed with the change of plans, but she knew it wasn’t her parent’s fault. Chloe understood that they were going through a hard time and made the best of her situation. She made friend and did well in her classes. Her freshman year she joined the Bellas and that’s when she met Aubrey. Aubrey and Chloe became fast friends and at times, it seems like Chloe is the only one who can tolerate her.

Chloe takes her role in the Bellas seriously, but likes to have fun with it too. She hopes that this year will be their chance to shine after loosing to the Treblemakers for so long, but the New Directions gives her a bit of a scare. Though she doesn’t admit it, Chloe does blame their loss at the ICCA’s last year on Aubrey, but she also admires her dedication to make their group great. Since it’s her last year at college, Chloe hopes to live it up and make lasting memories along side her good friends. Her relationship with her parents has declined since going to college and they’re not as close as they once were, but she makes sure to go home at least once a month and call them weekly. Chloe is overall a bright and bubbly person and at times, seems to lack the basic understanding of personal space. She’s very loyal and dedicated as well, but can sometimes be overbearing and doesn’t like confrontation.

Important facts:

  • Chloe is co-captain of the Bellas.
  • Her best friend is Aubrey. 
  • Recently she’s been experiencing throat pain while singing. 

♪  FC: Brittany Snow

♪  Status: Taken


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